What is Eczema Free Forever and How it Works?

Eczema is becoming increasingly common in babies. Sadly, conventional medicine has only few answers as to the origin of eczema thus focusing merely on symptomatic relief. Doctors often prescribe steroid creams that may work for a while however over time they add to the toxic build-up and suppress the disease picture deeper.

Despite doctors’ advice, there is a lot a parent can do to alleviate eczema symptoms in a safe and natural way!


Rachel Anderson has written an e-book that gives a detailed account of how she managed to cure baby’s eczema by natural means without ever turning to steroids. Even though she acknowledge that everyone responds to different ways of treatment she has set out general guidelines for everyone to follow in order to cure eczema inside out.

Eczema Free Forever comprehensive information-rich guide will arm parents with an in-depth knowledge of infantile and child eczema whilst highlighting important insights into the complexity of this irritating condition. It has specially been dedicated to all parents who, like me, cannot just helplessly sit and watch their baby suffer!

  • The first part of the book explains what predisposes babies to eczema and outlines the main causative factors.
  • It further discusses how to tackle food allergies / intolerances since regrettably there is not enough quality information out there that would make parents aware of this important triggering factor. It then goes on describing a safe way of detecting and managing food allergies equipping you with the most up-to-date information.
  • It details the most effective ways of boosting your baby’s immune system naturally. It further specifies what foods your baby should be eating whilst focusing on safe and natural supplements that speed up the healing process and strengthen the baby’s immune system from the inside out.
  • It also elaborates on how to establish a proper skin care routine and what to look for when choosing the most appropriate skin care products.
  • It provides tips on how to curb itching and outlines measures parents need to take in order to minimize their baby’s exposure to external allergens.
  • It focuses on managing eczema in older children discussing the importance of allergen-free nutritionally sound diet whilst suggesting the best food alternatives. It also touches on the emotional aspect of living and dealing with eczema.
  • Finally, it discusses a prevention plan for mums-to-be in order to minimize the chances of developing eczema in their unborn baby. It also addresses breastfeeding and the baby’s diet in the first years in order to strengthen the baby’s constitution thus decreasing their potential for allergies later in life.

During Rachel’s research she came across a lot of useful guides and booklets on how to manage infant eczema however none of them seemed to have the “personal touch”. She has found that most books elaborate extensively on the different types of eczema and the harmful side effects of using steroids. Little is then left for the most important part that should teach parents what steps to take in order to heal their baby’s skin inside out. Sadly, there are also lots of guides that only parrot information and make false promises and over-exaggerated claims. These guides give false hope to parents whilst profiting from their dire situation.

Rachel Anderson strived to make Eczema Free Forever book different so that all the factors contributing to infant eczema are addressed from the PRACTICAL point of view focusing on resolving the root cause of eczema. She tried all my recommendations on her own baby so she knows that all her suggestions are safe and effective!

Every baby deserves an eczema-free childhood so please do not miss the opportunity to help your child recover the natural way!

For more information about Eczema Free Forever, go here: http://eczemafreeforeverreviews.strikingly.com/

The Benefits of Boosting Testosterone

It is common knowledge that one of the best known hormones found in the male body is testosterone. It plays a key role in developing male reproductive tissues but also in increasing muscle and bone mass. Consequently, some gym goers are keen to try and boost their testosterone levels through a variety of different means such as with TestoGen use.

How It Works

Testosterone is widely considered to be one of the most important hormones in building up muscle mass. Although optimum levels are responsible for enhanced energy and libido, as well as a sense of well-being, fitness fanatics will be keen to see the effects it will have on their workout regimes.

Because it works to boost muscle mass, taking a supplement or doing certain things can increase testosterone levels within the body. The higher the testosterone, the more the muscles build and this is a cycle that can continue, helping you to boost your muscles.


When you have more muscle mass, your testosterone levels will naturally be higher. Consequently, you can then use this testosterone to get even bigger muscles. Essentially, high testosterone levels and increased muscle mass go hand in hand; you don’t get one without the other. When you get older, however, your testosterone levels naturally start to drop. If you are keen to keep your muscle mass at its peak, you could find yourself running into a few problems.


The common mistake that people can make when they find themselves in this situation is to work out extra hard in a bid to boost both their muscles and hormone levels. However, if you are not careful, you could find yourself faced with adverse effects. If you end up lifting too many weights, you can actually go beyond raising your testosterone levels and boost levels of cortisol instead. Cortisol is the main hormone that causes stress and it can actually reduce your testosterone levels, and your muscle mass, which is exactly what you don’t want to happen.


Clearly, testosterone boosts muscle mass, but it also has a whole host of other effects that are extremely beneficial to athletes or fitness fanatics. The hormone helps to regulate insulin levels, as well as glucose and fat metabolism. Consequently, it can actually help to decrease the levels of fat in your body. When testosterone levels reduce, fat can start to build up, as the body has to work harder to regulate things.

While not directly linked to exercise, testosterone is also thought to help combat depression. Research has shown that people suffering from depression tend to have lower levels of testosterone and, when they are given treatments containing the hormone, they notice that their mood improves.

Your bones may also feel the effects of boosted testosterone levels as well. The hormone increases density because it reduces bone resorption but also stimulates mineralization of the bones as well. If you are finding that your muscle mass has increased, having stronger bones is likely to be an essential for you as well. There is no point having the strength in your muscles to lift heavy weights if you cannot hold them up with your bones.